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Hello, dear guests! Vera Volkert

We’d like to present ourselves to you. The company Enduropoint-Sibiu was established by us, Vera Volkert, Economy Studies and Master in Bucharest, responsible for the administration and organization, and Hermann Volkert, trained chef, gastronome and hobby Enduro rider, responsible for the practical side like for example tour care, transportation coordination and last but not least for the physical well-being of our guests.

Our local Tourguides contributes also to the positive results of the holiday. Their local knowledge facilitate a perfect experience of the Enduro tours. Be they easy or difficult, our guides leave nothing to be desired.

Hermann  Volkert

Besides motorcycle riding we want to provide you with an impression of the country called Romania and its inhabitants. We want to transmit you the simplicity, the openness and lightheartedness in our life.

We don’t invite you only to an extreme Enduro tour in Sibiu Romania, but also to a travel in a region of the world which knows few borders.

Forget the illusions created by colored travel catalogues, get on the motorcycle and discover regions in Transylvania which a normal tourist will never see.

Far away from every stress you experience again the freedom feeling and the internal peace.

Allow yourself a well-deserved holiday and accompany us into an unforgetable and unique Enduro tour.

This is the way how we see ourselves and our guests. We are already happy to greet you at our place.

Start your motorcycle adventure in Romania with us.

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