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Enduro Tours Romania perfectly unites the concepts Enduro and Romania. As a top provider of Enduro Tours and Travel in Romania, the Enduro riding in Romania is with us a memorable one.

Imagine you travel to the "World Enduro Capital", imagine you conquer the most adventurous and pretentious routes, imagine how you run across landscapes you know only from pictures.

Imagine how you enjoy the luxury of a top hotel and a professional medical massage after an exhausting Enduro day, you end the day with good food and drinks and you look forward to the new day which will offer you the same things.

Then you know how our guests feel, people who spend their Enduro or offroad holiday with our team Enduropoint-Sibiu – professionals in organized Enduro tours – in the Romanian Enduro Paradise. We have experience in organizing and realizing Enduro and offroad holidays so we have the ability to offer you professionalism, quality and uniqueness.

Our motto "A perfect Enduro holiday" means nothing else but the fact we see each of our guests as a professional driver. We take care of everything. You can keep a clear head to to focus on the essential thing – Enduro riding. As any professional rider is supported by his team, we are for you there.

We have a perfectly maintained „fleet“ of Ktm EXC Enduros, which are waiting for you to drive them.

In 2-3 flight hours are you in Sibiu from almost any airport in Europe. After this stress-free and short travel the adventure can begin for you in Romania.

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